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MyCBD - A Brand By New World LA

MyCBD is a genetic based, zero pain test designed to analyze individual bodies and their performance and response to the use of cannabinoid oil. The human response to cbd is as unique as humans are. Each being different, the team at MyCBD focuses on helping prospective CBD patients learn about how they can benefit from cbd.

As with any new to market product, the challenge to educate the consumer that they need the product in the first place is the initial challenge. Working with MyCBD we created their logo and brand assets to be a simple but incredibly clear message. Using the literal science of the product, we built a beautiful and modern pallet to indicate a professional medical grade, but journey like experience.

The goal of the campaign was to not only establish the product and it's purpose, but to also educate the masses on the types of chronic conditions that plague modern society that can benefit from the non psychoactive ingredient of cannabis.

The website works to educate the consumer on the process and procedure of using the at home test kit. Upon purchase, the client is guided through a personal journey where they learn about their unique genetics in correlation to their response of cbd. In addition, you get to meet the board certified experts who created this product.

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